From transformational coaching to motivational speaking, hear how Baz Porter is changing the lives of so many.

I have been gifted.

Baz-by the Universe. I love how he takes me as I am. I’ve always been too much-he encourages me to be more. One of the many things I love about Baz, is his unconditional love and his softness- it lures me out of my hardened heart and helps me see the bigger picture. He’s always available and doesn’t make me feel bad when I haven’t gotten something right .EVERY time after we talk, I feel refreshed and inspired to give life another go. I don’t know where I’d be, if he wasn’t by my side. The Love that is inside his heart is so real, so true,and so big. I find solace in his words and his kindness and I strive to be as loving as he is. I am so very grateful for meeting Baz!!!!!

Michelle K. 

Baz is so amazing!

He helped me to overcome and begin healing from past trauma in one session! I would recommend him to anyone who is hurting and feels broken beyond repair…He showed me the way free of the dark depression that was taking over my life.

Emily S.

This man has changed my life!

He truly helped me discover my best self while showing me how to walk in light instead of doubt and fear. 

Holly H.

I have strong spiritual experiences…with [Baz].

He helped my husband and I through a rough patch…as well as assisting me with my career and personal goals. He’s great with people from all walks of life and has also worked with my own mother and children. In our lives he has been a catalyst for transformation, patience and peace with our processes. 

Celena C.

Baz Porter is an incredibly gifted individual.

He uses his gifts and tools to teach us how to heal ourselves and love ourselves, so that we can each create a ripple effect of healing throughout the world. Everything he does and everyone he helps is with the bigger picture in mind, always for the benefit of the individual as well as for the greater good of humanity.

Meagan E.

Baz is an incredibly talented healer.

I was referred to Baz when I had an issue most healers weren’t equipped to tackle. The entire time Baz was incredibly warm, reassuring and kind – plus he’s a no nonsense kind of guy! Baz is unlike any healer I’ve met before – his work is swift, gentle and incredibly powerful. After working with Baz, I felt more grounded and clear than I ever had in my life! I highly recommend Baz to everyone – especially if you’ve got a tough challenge – Baz is your guy!

Alex W.

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