To make the most of life you have to start with yourself. Your self-concept drives your self-esteem and the two are connected by your intimate knowledge of your spiritual and conscious being.

On this topic, Baz Porter will guide you through the journey of yourself, unlocking your knowledge within. Having traveled the world and his own experiences, Baz shares his own unique perspectives on how to release what doesn’t serve you, maximize what does, and ultimately live the life you dream of.

Audiences have gone on to conquer their fears, overcome their limits, and pursue life with empowerment and confidence.

Overcoming PTSD & Trauma

Life happens. Tragic events and experiences shape our perceptions of the world and of ourselves. Everyone can experience trauma-induced PTSD.

On this topic, Baz Porter uses his personal experiences navigating addiction, depression, and more and shares insights on how to break free from the many aspects of life that cause trauma and hold us back.

Audiences have broken free from the chains of emotional and physical abuse, traumatic events, navigating serious health issues, and grieving the loss of a loved one. They’ve learned to use trauma to thrive.

Baz Porter’s Life Story

Life in the British Army. PTSD-induced addiction. Anxiety. Depression. Debilitating moments. The ultimate pursuit to grow beyond these limits. The Baz Porter life story is one of challenge and triumph.

On this topic, Baz shares the intimate details about a time when he wasn’t sure how to move forward and how he used all that held him back to propel forward to a life filled with success, happiness, and love.

Audiences have gone on to overcome their own challenges by learning about Baz’s action-oriented return to self-empowerment.

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