If you’ve experienced trauma, PTSD is likely part of your life. The first step to overcoming PTSD, is to understand what it is and how it could potentially be holding you back.

Shocking experiences. Scary situations. Dangerous events. These are just a few potential moments in life that can grapple you with paralyzing effects.

It doesn’t have to hold you back forever. Learn more by watching the video below.

Overcoming PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is the aftermath of a significant event in one’s life that can lead to depression, anxiety, and other debilitating feelings. Understanding the causes, the signs, and the harmful potential of this disorder is one of the most important steps towards overcoming it. Equally important to know if you’re suffering from PTSD is that you’re not alone. On average, 8% of people experience PTSD in their lifetime. Raising awareness is a passion for Baz rooted in incredibly personal experiences in his own life. Having suffered severe depression and anxiety after serving in the British Army, Baz had no choice but to look within to overcome everything that used to hold him back. Every traumatic life experience can lead to PTSD, and Baz believes it is paramount to the management of the disorder to raise awareness and ensure people around the world know that there is hope for everyone who ever feels lost. Leveraging his gifts, personal experiences, and universal knowledge, Baz helps shine a light on PTSD and on those who suffer from it. He believes that your true self is hiding in your darkest days and that by shining a light from within, you can become who you were before a traumatic event, or who you were always meant to be. Stay connected with Baz to learn about all of the ways he uses his light and power to help those suffering from PTSD.

“Turn a negative situation into a positive perception and you win every single time.”

– Baz Porter

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