The Infinity of Cosmic Consciousness Interactive Seminar: March 4

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The Infinity of Cosmic Consciousness Interactive Seminar: March 4


One-Hour, Live Online Event with Baz Porter & Nicola Stockberger

Breaking through the old paradigm of the 3D Matrix Energy Workshop

Nicola Stockberger, M.A., Awakened Soul Healing & Baz Porter, wish you a Divine warm welcome!

This special day of interactive learning, spiritual development, healing and enlightenment, is the first in a series of seminars. This new information will bring insight into making what was once thought to be impossible, now possible.

When we are in alignment with our Divine Oneness, using Cosmic knowledge, we are then able to move into our highest potential. The interactive teachings within this seminar are the principalities of new paradigmatic education to come.  After years of integration, two Divine Souls, will bring you the collective knowledge, never heard before, directly from Source energy. This webinar will be held on the 21st Nov 2020 at 11:00 AM until 1:00 PM PST

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One Hour, Live Online Event with Baz Porter and Nicola Stockberger

This transformational seminar is taking the 3D matrix learnings and ascending you into the new Age of Aquarius. Giving you energetic upgrades and insight into the infinite world and beyond. Elevating your consciousness into the 144,000 Divine embodiment frequencies.

· Fundamentals on Spiritualism- building a foundation for healing, mediumship and energy work.

· Energy and the conduction of energy and it’s appropriately use

· Sacred Angelic Channeled Meditation

· 3rd eye Activation

· Explanation of frequency’s

· Divine frequency activations

· Mediumship Principles

· Galactic embodiment of your personal divine message

· Giving you complete balance between the Etheric and physical realms

During our lunch hour, please look forward to the opportunity to share your personal experiences along with Baz and Nicola’s combined 40 years of experience.

Nicola’s experience includes an MA in psychology, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy, an Akashic Records Consultant, teacher and practitioner of a 24th generation of an unbroken lineage of Mayan healers- Divine Intervention, Light Language practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher, and an ordained Interfaith Minister. This is Nicola’s journey and her life ‘s passion to combine traditional and holistic practices, to meet and assist you with the utmost love, light and compassion.

Baz Porter, is an angelic channel, spiritual teacher, motivational speaker, Medium, transformational life coach and energy healer, who has been on 2 world tours. Teaching, giving guidance and healing along the way, he has been voted in the top 100 mediums within the U.S. Building a foundation for a spiritualistic movement.

We are looking forward to spending a transformational event with you.

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