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Master Healer’s Course: Beginning Feb 10


This short journey will be transformational. Over the course of 6-weeks, you will receive one 90-minute phone session per week. The last two sessions will be done by video chat. The course is intended to teach you the balance between the emotional body and physical body, using ancient spiritual healing techniques.

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6-Week Course with Baz Porter

Week 1 – Will be a deep energy healing session which will penetrate to the core of your soul. This is to ensure that you are in alignment with your soul’s Divine Purpose, and the full integration of your future knowledge. This session will include your soul’s karmic experience integration and the releasing of any oppressions.

Week 2- A healing manual will be provided. We will start looking at aspects of yourself, identifying patterns of behavior to be healed. The intention is to bring you into a full comprehension of yourself.

Week 3- We will look at your Source connection and the strengths of your life path. Direct integration of DNA information between Source and your conscious mind will take place. Gain awareness of the emotional attachments that have played a role in your life while using that experience in healing yourself and others during the healing process.

Week 4- We will dive deep into the human body, looking at the emotional and physical connections of illnesses. Teachings of energetic healing techniques will begin and continue through weeks five and six.

Week 5- Receive teachings of ancient healing techniques via video chat.

Week 6- Focus will be on the integration of all course content. Ask those lingering questions while moving forward on your journey with confidence and pride.

A 262-page manual is included in this course and will be mailed to you. It will identify everything within the physical body that you can heal. Guided meditations and affirmations are included to start the healing process. These are specifically tailored to each part of the body.

You will be accessing knowledge within your DNA for integration by the celestial beings that you will be working with. The intense energies on this course are for you to integrate within your 3D body.

Baz Porter offers email support and phone chats in emergencies.

You will be mailed Course Certification including Baz Porter’s branded seal upon completion of this Course.

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