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Empower Yourself Beyond PTSD: Beginning April 9

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Do you suffer from DEPRESSION? Is the STRESS overwhelming?

Does ANXIETY prevent you from enjoying your life? Are you emotionally shattered by PTSD?

If you are unable to fully function in a life you no longer recognize or desire and you feel a constant struggle to maintain some semblance of control, receive individual help and guidance throughout each lesson contained in this course. Taught by a trustworthy, insightful Spiritual Thought Leader who himself hit rock-bottom while suffering from all of these debilitating conditions, you will learn from his first-hand experiences how to heal and regain control of your life and your vitality. The foundational principles of this course have been proven to produce measurable improvements in the management of depression, stress, anxiety, PTSD and more.

Take action now. There is no better time to seize an opportunity for change. Dare to accept the challenge to confront that which no longer serves you in order to become a stronger, healthier, human-being. Begin to create the best possible future for yourself one session at a time.

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It IS possible to heal from all of these conditions. Recover from alcoholism and drugs. Regain control of your mind, body and life. This program is personally tailored to your specific needs. Learn the gentle Art of Mindfulness and discover how this simple practice can help restore your inner strength and ability to master the principles of focus, dedication, and awareness. Teach your body to reset and relax as you discover the deep and profound benefits of Meditation. Experience mind-body healing when the two are combined and skillfully taught by someone who truly understands what it is like to be in your shoes.

 Friday 9th April though to 14th may 2021 11am-12:30pm for six weeks

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