Baz Porter: Motivational Speaker

With his message for the masses, Baz Porter is a highly sought-after motivational speaker with unmatched wisdom and charismatic grit. His candid story-telling and expertise in using trauma to thrive have touched the souls of audiences around the world. In telling tales of his journey to self-discovery and strengthening his gifts, audiences will leave with a sense of hope, tools for success, and a new-found passion for becoming their greatest selves.

Baz’s public engagements are awakening journeys that aim to inspire, motivate, and invigorate the mind, soul, and spirit.


“I have strong spiritual experiences…with [Baz]. He helped my husband and I through a rough patch…as well as assisting me with my career and personal goals. He’s great with people from all walks of life…”

– Celena C.

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