“Energy fields” is a term for a vastly important subject. There are so many things we are capable of through energy. Energy is all around us, totally encompassing our bodies. There are energy fields incorporating our subtle bodies as well. Here we refer to the energy fields that are not considered to be the energy fields of chakras. 7-10 of the energy fields around you are able to be described. As detailed in an earlier blog, they are the cushioning layers located between your subtle bodies… all bodies from the Physical body through the Cosmatic body. They are what has been activated when you feel the hairs on your arms stand on end when entering a room or sense someone watching you. The closer they are, the more intense the feeling.

Gamma rays are on the outside and they are always present. They assist in the detection of cosmic frequency. X-rays use this same principle. Viewing all of this from the outside in, next is ultraviolet or black light. It works on a spectrum outside our normal vision, as do infrared, microwave and radio waves. Visible light is everything we see with our naked eye.

There is nothing in this universe that is known to be faster than the speed of light. The energy of light is also present. It emits from universal cosmic rays and energies into the unknown, beyond time. As you may imagine, attempting to explain this is very difficult unless conveying principles in mathematical terms based on very advanced quantum physics. For this purpose, there simply isn’t time; it is far easier to ask you to accept this for what it is for now. If you have a burning desire to understand this concept fully, know I go into great depth and detail on this subject during my year-long advanced mastery course.

You are a living, breathing organism of frequency, vibrating at 144 Hz; the frequency of Unconditional Love. Every Hz frequency has the capability of bringing something specific into balance. This principle regarding frequency is true for COVID-19 in the same way it was true for Sars, Ebola, and Small Pox (although studies were never granted the funds necessary to prove because there was no significant amount of money to be made in doing so). You are a body of frequency and a divine impression of love. A perfect impression and a perfect vibration of you emanating love.

When considering the chakras, you are all of them from the Root chakra all the way up and through the Star chakra. It is called such because we live on a star, not a planet. This too can be discussed in more detail later. Suffice it to say that we treat it as a star because in a few million years’ time, after we’ve significantly raised the consciousness of this planet, it will be the next Sun with a solar system around it. That is the natural evolution of a star; it eventually burns up. This all happens through a vibrational frequency and the events which are taking place for the purpose of allowing these things to happen.

If you want something, you must become it vibrationally. Like attracts like. Named the Law of Attraction, it’s actually the Law of Frequency because you are attracting frequencies in. I endeavor to simplify these complex principles to the best of my ability for easier comprehension. This is the only way I know to successfully teach it. Everything you are, everything you see, is a vibrational frequency of who you are; a projected hologram of 144 Hz as a baseline frequency. Whatever you project after that is a by-product of love.

Consider the parameters of the energetic fields. The Morphological field begins just outside the auratic bodies and is composed of extended vibrations beyond the speed of light. The “T” field or Triangulated field is the one to harness when levitation is desired. In Tibet, I witnessed an 86-year-old turn into a rainbow and a young child, maybe 6-years-old, levitate 14 feet into the air. I then and there decided to I wanted to learn to do each of these feats myself and I graciously received the requested instruction. This levitational field is sometimes described as a red field or “danger” zone. This refers to the fact that levitation is difficult to achieve because the “T” field’s atmosphere is so dense. Moving further outward, the Universal field contains everything in this dimension. And lastly, the Geo fields, the outermost fields that I can physically teach, are geomagnetic energy… universal, cosmic energy. Although sometimes difficult to understand, we all hold a core comprehension of the subject. There are many theoretical points such as zero-gravity involved. It is the field around zero-gravity that is accessed in levitation. You tune into that frequency and allow yourself to become it.

You are the frequency of 144 Hz. You are the love. You are powerful. You are attached to the natural fields of the world, the geomagnetic energy of lay-lines. You are attached to the water that runs 30 meters under the earth’s surface. You are guided everywhere you want to go by intuition, a natural source of energy. Follow your heart. Follow your soul. Follow the mind if you wish, but if you are following your heart and mind you will create an experience through which a lesson will be taught. By following the soul, you always stay on the right path, whatever the experience.

Knowledge is unending. Despite how much you think you know, there is always more to learn. It is a fantastic journey of embodiment and embracing who we are as core individual human beings of divine light and love. The I AM experience is the absolute and you ARE that as complete love.

The energy of waves surrounds us. The Alpha brainwave state signifies the resignation of complete peace within ourselves. Solar waves come from the Sun. We pick up on them and they are ever-changing. We hear sound waves. If the frequency is high enough, a sound wave is able to stop anything in its tracks.

Between the variables and the subliminals of the state of consciousness and the frequencies between your bodies, it is a journey to bring them all into oneness. It is your journey to accept responsibility for the actions you choose in your life. You are guided by the energies of lay-lines (meridians) around the earth and they are instrumental in your decision-making process. There are thousands of lay-lines amongst and between the major ones. They create a grid around the globe and are used when dousing. They are also embedded in the solar systems of other planets. This energy is unlimited.

The pockets of energy within ourselves, between the auratic fields, are called vixinous. They contain the information/knowledge between human energy forms and plant or mineral matter. Everything is connected; there is no such thing as being alone. We would be humbled to fully realize how loved, supported, and powerful we all actually are.

Everything is vibrational. Believe and trust without any doubt in the dominion and control we possess over every vibration. The more you believe, the more you raise your frequency and open up to the energies and information coming through. Trust what comes. Always trust yourself.


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