Many people who care a lot and feel scared or unfulfilled wonder whether they will ever feel better and happier. Here are some practical tips on how to actively help yourself and increase your daily satisfaction. These pieces of advice relate primarily to those with anxiety and milder forms of depression. Those who suffer from more severe forms of depression should seek professional help (psychiatrists and psychologists) because this type of problem requires a long-term and systematic approach under the supervision of experts.

A change in the philosophy of life

Many people who are prone to depressed moods cultivate dysfunctional and self-defeating life philosophies that can be reflected in several implicit or explicit attitudes about life, themselves, and others. For example: If I behave badly, it means that I am a bad (less valuable or worthless) person; If I have suffered in the past, I will spend my whole future life in suffering and pain, etc. When you discover your self-defeating philosophies, replace them with new self-helping philosophies and attitudes.

Physical activity

People who feel anxiety and are depressed usually exercise or walk very little, which is how a depressed mood is maintained and aided. Physical inactivity is both a consequence and a cause of depressed mood. The only way to get out of that vicious circle is to make yourself move and get out of the house, even if it is against your current mood.

Planning for the future

For your life to have meaning, it is desirable to make a long-term plan, for example, what you will do by the end of the year, how you can improve your education, job, etc. Formulate your goals and think about strategies for achieving them. He who has no goals has nothing to hope for.


Be brave and admit to yourself that you have certain problems. Deal with problems instead of despairing, procrastinating and avoiding solving them. Every problem has a solution, rarely ideal to the soul, but every solution is better than procrastination and denial.

Expressing feelings

Express your feelings whenever you have the opportunity and when external conditions allow it. Suffering and suppressing feelings deepens depression, creates psychophysical tension and is the basis for anxiety. If you are sad – cry, if you are angry – express your anger and dissatisfaction, but always keep in mind that your behavior does not hurt people around you.

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