Have you ever felt like you are happy, genuinely happy, but somehow there’s still something missing? It may be a sign that you are experiencing emotional happiness, but not spiritual happiness.

The thing with us, humans, who were born in such a turbulent era, is that we have trouble connecting with our true self, hence, it’s harder for us to connect with the spiritual world.

And by the spiritual world I mean that one where we are all connected through knowledge, peace, and happiness. Don’t you think true happiness is worth the effort? Let’s discover today what is spiritual happiness, why do we need it, and how to achieve it permanently.

What Is Spiritual Happiness?

Let’s start with the basics. Spirituality is a concept related to the search of meaningful connections with something bigger than ourselves. It’s about identifying what connects us with others and this higher power.

Here’s a definition that was written by Dr. Brené Brown: “Recognizing and celebrating that we are all inextricably connected to each other by a power greater than all of us, and that our connection to that power and to one another is grounded in love and compassion. Practicing spirituality brings a sense of perspective, meaning, and purpose to our lives.”

You can understand this higher power as energy or however you want it, just focus on how your actions, thoughts, intentions, emotions, desires, and aspirations are connected with everyone else’s.

Is spirituality something strictly related to religion? Not exactly. Religion is a system of attitudes, beliefs, and practices often oriented to the service and worship of a God or many. Spirituality is about experiencing a connection with others, with our surroundings, what’s beyond, with nature, and more.

Does religion demand some spirituality? Yes, but not necessarily the other way around. Since spirituality is more of an individual practice, you don’t need to be immersed in a community with the same beliefs as you, even though it can be helpful for some.

Both things can lead to happiness, but the way I see it, spiritual happiness is stronger than any kind of happiness you could experience. It’s something that’s not attached to a moment, a person, or an object.

It’s ineffable perhaps, but quite powerful and everlasting. Spiritual happiness is inclusive, has an evolutionary approach (meaning, it is willing to adapt), may be perceived as formless but has a strong purpose, and it’s subjective. So your experience of spiritual happiness may be completely different from mine.

It can be described as freedom from pain, judgments, worries.

Why Is Spiritual Happiness Different to Emotional Happiness?

I like bringing to the blog questions that people ask me in real life. And this is one of them.

Emotional and mental happiness are strongly dependent on the physical world. You are giving the power of your happiness to something outside of you, making it uncontrollable, codependent, and giving it an expiration date.

On the other hand, spiritual happiness is a permanent state. It’s giving the power to your mind and deciding that what’s outside can’t hurt you, can’t diminish your potential, that it will only help you grow as a person.

The nature of spiritual happiness makes it difficult to “achieve” or to “catch”. It’s a practice. A state of being, not something you can buy at the drug store. But some people actually like to label it that way.

You do not need a 12 step guide to being spiritually happy, but you do need to be in touch with your true self often, to understand deeply why you feel what you feel, how to handle emotions, how to find knowledge and improvement in everything.

Some spiritual philosophers consider spiritual happiness our birthright, and if you think about it, is there another way around it? Aren’t we in this world to become better? To help others in their journey?

Whether you choose to see it as your birthright or something you would like to experiment for the first time, spiritual happiness is real, and it can be practiced anywhere in the world by anybody.

How Does Spiritual Happiness Feel Like?

Perhaps the best word to describe spiritual happiness is peace. Being at peace with everything, including your past, your present, and the many versions of you that you have created so far.

And just to clarify, being spiritually happy does not mean you will not feel negative emotions like fear, disappointment, and hatred. You are human, you are meant to feel. But when you are spiritually happy you learn to handle these negative emotions so you can take something positive out of them, or totally discard them if you find them useless.

For example, a spiritually happy person faces challenges as they are: a challenge. Not something the universe created to mess with you, not something unfair, undeserved, or too hard. All the opportunities that land on your hands are achievable by your potential, but not all of them are meant to be achieved when you notice them.

Spiritual happiness does not feel like you can do anything, it feels like anything that happens around you has a purpose, and the course of your actions is not determined by an invisible almighty hand, you are the one in control, you get to choose everything.

To summarize these experience, spiritual happiness can feel more or less like this, but not strictly limited to:

– A state of mental, physical, and emotional peace. I like to think of it like it was your birthday every day. Feeling special, grateful, blessed, joyful, celebrated.

– Full of wisdom. When you learn that you can’t control things around you, but that you can control how they affect you, then you start seeing life lessons everywhere. I’m not saying bad things won’t happen to you, instead, you will begin to focus on the whole experience instead of the bad thing and why it happened to you.

– There’s a lot to share. When you are spiritually happy, independently of the physical things you may have, you feel like sharing your joy with the world. Even your “good morning’s” feel stronger, better. And people around you will notice it, they will want to be closer. But beware! Not everybody who gets close to you wants to share that happiness, some may want to steal it or make it disappear.

– More attractive. Not only you will feel more attractive, but others will see you that way. And that’s when most of the people I have mentored realize that physical attraction is only 50% physical canons, and 50% the right attitude.

Many scientific researchers have determined that spiritual people are happier than those who are not. Please keep in mind the differences between spirituality and religion that I just mentioned. Spiritual people can have or connect with religion, and religion can have spiritual processes, but one does not depend on the other.

The feeling of spiritual happiness can’t be described universally because everybody experiences it differently. And I believe that’s the beauty of it, you will know when you are spiritually happy, but it’s not something you can feel overnight, it takes time and determination.

How Can I Improve my Spiritual Connection with The Universe?

To begin your journey through the path of spirituality, as I said, you do not need to be part of any religion. You just need to change the way you see and understand things around you.

– Do you hate Mondays? Instead of seeing that day as the day when you go back to your ball and chain, see it as the beginning of a week full of possibilities. Choose to see that day as a door that opens to you, and only you get to decide what’s behind it.

Change your habits! Having trouble getting out of bed? Breathe deep for five minutes and think about positive things that could happen that week. Having trouble resting? Take five minutes of your time before going to bed and be thankful for the good things, no matter how small they may seem. Be thankful for having a roof on the top of your head, for having food, friends, a job. This is what we call “gratitude”.

– Try meditating at least once a week. Don’t worry if you can’t control your thoughts, gently take yourself back to the present moment, and keep on meditating.

– Try some breathing exercises when you feel like “it’s too much”, sometimes during difficult days we just need to distance ourselves from negative things, breathing helps not just to focus, but also to keep calm and solve situations more effectively.

– Diminish your exposure to social media. I love Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and all those networks, but the way it has been handled lately will likely make you feel unattractive, exposed, insecure, angry. Try to follow positive accounts that help you filter bad news and negative comments, and limit your exposure to the dangers of social media.

– Instead, try to connect with real-life people. I know that for some of you even a “Hello, how are you?” can trigger anxiety and other negative emotions, but try to find a community where you feel comfortable with, and expose yourself to social situations that are challenging bur fulfilling at the same time.

Do good without thinking about the consequences. If you have something to share, whether that is time, money, wisdom, a hug, food, anything you can spare, do so. The universe tends to give back what you give, and if a 5-minute detour can help an elder to safely get back home, it may be worthy to miss 5 minutes of your favorite afternoon show, don’t you think?

– Find some spiritual readings to do in your spare time. I would suggest dedicating at least 30 minutes to reading inspirational books before going to bed for better rest, and of course, a wonderful awakening.

– Spend time outdoors. Leave your phone, laptop, headphones, and dare to walk barefoot on the grass, breathe clean air, stare at the sky instead your screen. It will help you see beauty everywhere, and to disconnect from the virtual world.

I would also like to talk about the “signs of the universe” since it can be considered a way to find spirituality.

Being open to what the Universe is trying to tell you will help you move on from hard situations, to be ready for the ones that are meant to be caught and to know the difference between them.

I do not mean to find mystical images portrayed in clouds or the end of a teacup, I’m talking about “vibes”, about energy, about how your Self is trying to tell you something. Pay attention to your body, how it reacts to certain situations or possibilities.

Learn to understand your body and mind, trust yourself at all times, but try to deconstruct things as well. Be curious.

Final Thoughts

Being spiritually happy is not something you achieve by reading one book and meditating once in a while. It’s a task that will take time, and you can define whether it’s working or not

If you stumble upon hard situations, try to see them from afar to gain a different perspective. Se the trouble as a challenge, after all, problems are only problems only if they have a solution.

Learn to decode your emotions. What, why, and how are questions you have to answer often, but if you get stuck on the problem, if you are focus only on the why, it will lead you nowhere.

Choose positive interpretations. Give back to the world the happiness that gives you every day, no matter how little you think I may be.

And one day you will wake up feeling different, like a boost of energy that goes all over your body. That day you will see things differently, and that day my friend can be tomorrow, so why not starting this change today? Are you ready? If you read this entire post, I believe you may be.

Spiritual Happiness

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