The Energetical fields are a widely talked about subject, but pieces of information are usually omitted when they are being discussed. The entire, in-depth perspective on it is rarely shared. We are all aware of the dense physical body; it is the 1st body and somewhat limits what we can do in the physical realm or the 4th density. Everything is the 4th. It is the imagination part of us.

We have 7 auratic fields. The 1st is the Physical. Between each of these “states of awareness” as they are often called, is a cushioning layer of intelligence. These layers are the intelligence between all that is. They hold what is energetically received to impact your frequencies between them. They are all linked to the 12 or 14 chakras… whichever you have been personally taught and believe.

Outside of that, we have the Vital or Etherical body, and in between it and the Emotional body is another layer of cushioning intelligence. The Emotional body is massive. Humans are naturally emotional creatures with emotional resilience, emotional feeling. The Astral body follows and is used for astral travel when sleeping. It is your middle conscious and knowledge for emotional intelligence.

Then there is the mental body and the mental intelligence of more cushioning. Again, cushioning is where the intelligence resides. It is what you incorporate thru the experiences that you have. That is a very important point to remember. Next comes the Intellectual or Intuital body and its associated cushioning of intelligence.

Divine body is the layer that is rarely taught in detail and it is that which is connected to Infinity, God energy, Source energy, Universal energy. It has a high vibrational frequency and intelligence. This is where some, but not all, channeling originates.

The Cosmatic or Cosmos body is connected to all, beyond time and space. All of these bodies have frequencies attached to them. Their energetical frequencies come in colors, similar to the chakras.

Physical: red/reddish. Willpower is its associated intelligence body

Vital/etheric: blue. Love of Wisdom is its associated intelligence body

Emotional: yellow. Active Intelligence is its associated intelligence body

Mental/intellectual: green. Harmony is its associated intelligence body

Casual or Soul body: orange. Concentration of Knowledge is its associated intelligence body

Intellectual or Intuital body: violet. Devoted Idealism is its associated intelligence body

Divine body: indigo. Wisdom is its associated intelligence body

Cosmic body: pure white light. All Knowledge is its associated intelligence body.

The layer of cushioning in between each of these bodies is a frequency setting. These settings are how we interpret, embrace, and embody language, wisdom, and knowledge. Everything we know in this universe is vibrational and has a specific Hz. Everything has a Hertz range. Consider the perfect example that crystals offer. Amethyst vibrates at about 232Hz. Rose Quartz or Love stone (the self-love stone) vibrates at 532 Hz. Some use it to attract a soulmate or partner by putting it under their pillow. Black obsidian vibrates at 32 Hz and it repels lower entities. Black obsidian is known to smash and shatter when confronted with a dark entity. It is very powerful stuff.

Hertz frequencies are the vibration and language of the universe. Chakras have a vibration. Energy is a vibration. Vibration changes all the time with mood, so tapping into it can be somewhat difficult at times. An aura may be yellow now, but that is no indication that it will remain that color. It will change color with patterning. Patterning within people changes all the time as their vibration changes. As mood changes, the aura changes. It’s in a constant flow and flux of energy.

The illusion comes when we think we are stationary, because we are not. Every one of us is constantly moving. Why? Because we opted to come here as a flowing frequency. Every single one of us, at the soul level, is the frequency of unconditional love… 144Hz. BUT we’ve been conditioned to think that we are “less-than” of ourselves. How does that apply to the frequency? It does so as you elevate. As your region of consciousness elevates, you come into more awareness of Thy Self. It is a journey to your Self. Knowing all knowledge, all vibration, all oneness and that part of who you are.

You are the entity of oneness.

Many things have happened in the past 50 or so years to make us more aware of the development of knowledge. Consider the photograph, thermal imaging, gamma rays, delta rays. Gamma and Delta rays are both a part of our system. They are a part of everything that we are and have around us. Remain in the awareness that everything is connected to each other. You are an entity of oneness which is the cosmic, complete vibration. You are the individual vibration to the cosmos world. As such, you have the capability to move through each plane of the body and the intelligence and the cushioning to embrace all between each, all the way out to the Cosmatic body.

The physical body is the last body to overcome, so you must recognize without limitation that you are in the physical body and resist the illusion that you are limited. Not one of you is limited by any means, measure, or part. Expand your mind!!!

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