For many of us, the year 2020 seems like a dud of a year. To start, January almost had the world spin into World War III with threats of nuclear attacks from the United States and North Korea. We thankfully didn’t, but not soon after, Australia was rampaged by bushfires that destroyed 12 million acres of land and affected 3 million wildlife. We might have forgotten these things though because in March of 2020, the world was introduced to Covid-19.

Covid-19 has been our reality for the past 5+ months, amongst other things. It may seem like the world is crumbling beneath us, which in some cases it is, but not what you might think…

Behold the Great Awakening and the Shift from this 3D world into the 5D state.

Let’s explore 2020 through a spiritual lens.

To start, examine the word for this virus…Corona. Corona comes from the Latin word, meaning Crown. While scientists have called it this because of the crown-like spikes around this virus, let us look deeper into the spiritual meaning of this name.

In energy work, the Crown chakra is our 7th chakra. It is our energy point that is associated with spirituality, source, and our higher selves. It is represented by the 1000 petal lotus, or the seed of enlightenment.

With this spread of this virus, is the spreading of consciousness. While people are dying, and there is no denying that, people are also waking up to the reality of our current world and society.

With Covid hitting the United States so hard, so were many aspects of our systems and structures. The two main systems that were affected from the start were our health system and our economic system. Our hospitals became (and still are) being over flooded with people. The toll this virus has had on our healthcare system shows the fragility of its ability to handle mass outbreaks.

The second system that was affected was our economic system. With everyone working from home, many small businesses went under, layoffs happened, people stopped spending money, and the traffic in our economy came to a halt. Still now, over 30 million people in America are unemployed. This virus not only showed us how fragile our Capitalist system is, but how it values money over the safety and wellbeing of its people, as many are risking their health to return to work in order to keep our economy and systems circulating.

Now while these were happening, other systems began to show their corruption, such as our incarceration system. The Black Lives Matter movement spread not only throughout our nation, but the world, revealing the injustice and inequality in our world still present today.

So yes, it does seem like our world is crumbling, which is an old belief that many of us are transcending from. This is a fear based belief and old way of thinking. Many of us are afraid of this change, and yet, many of us are wanting this change at the same time. This is because we have seen these truths of our systems and are not okay with this world. We do not want to take part in it any longer, so we are choosing to stand up, speak out, and follow our own guidance and intuition at this time.

Some of us have heard about this shift the world is currently experiencing from the 3D into the 5D, and are a bit confused of what this means. Remember how I said this world was ending in some sort. Well, let me explain.

We currently live in a 3D world. This world operates at a low vibration, and is grounded in these energies. This is also where the vibration of fear, survival, and safety operate at. This is why so many of us live in this world of fear, anxiety, and find this struggle to survive, whether that is paying the bills or being physically healthy.

The 5D is a dimension that operates from a center of love and compassion. When we enter this state, we become less focused on the 3D world and more focused on following your heart, and living from your higher and more authentic self. In the 5D world, we are more likely to operate with missions or purposes in life. People discover their true callings and there is a sense to aid and assist in the betterment of humanity.

Though our 3D physical world of the earth, objects, etc. will not go away when we transcend into this dimension, we will have a new shift in perspective on how we view the world. It is this change that is needed in our world. This shift to love, compassion, and humanity. This is also known as the Age of Aquarius, which we are currently transitioning into.

2020 is the turbulent cocoon state of our spiritual evolution and metamorphosis. Back in 2012, another time where people thought the world was ending, we started into this Age of Aquarius. Slowly we began our transition into this new era. This transition we are experiencing is the death of an old way of living. And with death comes rebirth. The transition into the 5D is this rebirth of our society.

With many of us waking up to this 5D world, we have these current situations to thank. Sometimes we need a jolt or drastic shift in our lives in order for us to grow and evolve. 2020 is the year for that. We are shedding away negativity and looking forward to a brighter and better future of love and compassion. Like they say, the hindsight is 2020.

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