Baz Porter has rebranded his spiritual awakening and personal developing business. It has changed name from The Light Angel to Baz Porter, where he offers a range of courses, including via tele-seminar.

A leading spiritual awakening and personal development specialist has rebranded from The Light Angel to Baz Porter. His mission is to guide awakening souls into self-awareness and self-love while providing a strong foundation for spiritual growth.

More information can be found at:

The site explains that Baz Porter creates a safe platform where empathy, star seeds, multi-dimensional beings and newly awakened souls can establish self belief on the path to being their best self. Fundamental to Baz’s work is that there is more to life than people see with their own eyes.

The core values at the forefront of his talks and programs are reliability, loyalty, commitment, open-mindedness, honesty and compassion. Clients can get in touch knowing that it’s these that will help guide them on their life’s path.

One of the services available through the Baz Porter site is his latest Multiverse Ascension Path program. By taking this course, participants can adventure into the divine light of the cosmos and encourage the manifestation of their divine being.

Baz has been a natural intuitive all his live and was awakened at an early age. His gifts include mediumship, angelic channeling, energy healing, and multidimensional code keeping.

After another major awakening in 2016, he has committed to passing on his knowledge so that he can help others to be their best self. A select group of individuals can join the Multiverse Ascension program, where they will gain an understanding of the principles of spirituality.

They will also gain an awareness and knowledge beyond the conscious mind. Alongside this, Baz will teach energy healing techniques and mastery of all psychic abilities.

Baz is also offering tele-seminars and online events to help clients during the ongoing pandemic. These include Cosmic Divine Light Awakening, Violet Fire Activation Sequence, and Overcoming PTSD while Embracing Spirit.

A recent client said: “Baz has helped me to see things clearly, start on my healing journey and connect once again to spirit. He helped to soothe my fears and said it as it was, which was exactly what I needed. Can’t recommend highly enough!”

Full details of the rebranding can be found on the URL above.

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