Have you ever considered what percentage of the time you, or someone close to you, operates from the negative mindset of ego versus the positive mindset of confidence?

,It is a praiseworthy goal to live life with an intention to express one’s Self from a place of confidence. The spiritual traits of inner strength, love, and peace are all reflected in confidence. A spiritual journey encourages the development of personal power. Confidence and Power both support the spiritual principles of joy, heat-centered giving, and fearlessness. Confidence allows one to stand in their personal power while creating the space within to learn and grow from every circumstance. It seeks inclusion rather than separateness and readily displaces any fear which may surface when confronted by another’s expression of divergent needs and concerns. Confidence is a mindset of power and fearlessness, both of which are necessary to face ,,life’s unknowns.

Living and expressing oneself from an ego mindset, however, reflects the “I” aspect of being; that part of the human condition that primarily identifies with one’s personal needs and desires over and above what is best for all. Egoic thought is all about pride and self-importance. It feeds on fear, worry, anger, envy, and limiting beliefs. It is the aspect in some which often creates bullying and the seeking out of those that are weaker to be targets of anger and negative outbursts. Confidence does not allow room for victimization; therefore, a confidence mindset is deemed as superior to an ego mindset.

The ego mindset is a defensive, judgmental, fearful, resentful trap. A trap composed of limiting, negative, false beliefs. There is little room for growth. The egoic mindset values the “an eye for an eye” principle, needing to compete regardless of the price paid by others, to get even, and to be deceptive for the sake of bettering the position of oneself.

Teamwork supports confidence and threatens the ego. Working together to solve a problem instills the confidence to come together to accomplish something of shared importance. When ego is involved, the foundational principle of teamwork, i.e. everyone’s ideas and suggestions are of equal importance and value, is rejected. Ego is fragile and only allows room for focus on one’s own agenda rather than a shared goal.

Essentially, the principle of teamwork ensures that individual agendas don’t supersede the team’s important goals by ensuring a safe platform for members to express their ideas, visions, and potential contributions. This approach to the shared ownership of ideas is intended to empower the confidence of team members. If an ego surfaces, team development is less likely to be hindered and team effectiveness is less likely to be diminished or compromised.

Focus your confidence mindset on what you want in life. Always focus on possibility. Create and manifest goodness. Avoid any temptation to fall into the negativity of an ego mindset; resist dwelling on the past or spending time thinking about all that could or has gone wrong. Be ,,grateful for the ability to choose your thoughts. Heal, grow, and rejoice in the present moment by maintaining a strong, confidence mindset and enjoying a spiritually enlightened lifestyle.

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