Updated: Jul 19

In this journey of soul awakening, though the answer lies within us, we all need and would benefit from loving guidance and mentorship from people like Baz Porter

Baz says that we should love and live life the way that Divine Source Energy wants us to live, freely and in a place of unconditional love for all.” Baz Porter has updated its Community Memberships with regular 15-minute group sessions to increase spiritual awareness for its members. If you are looking for ways to focus your mind with daily spiritual awareness sessions, then the Million Dreams Community Memberships are perfect for you.  Baz Porter has announced his updated memberships for people like you who are looking to join a community that aims to impact growth, change, and harmony in the world.  Visit https://bazporter.com/memberships for more information. Baz Porter’s mission is to guide awakening souls into self-awareness, self-love, and provide the foundation for a strong spiritual base.  Based on the core values of ​reliability, loyalty, commitment, open-mindedness, honesty, and compassion Baz supports you in your life’s path.  Baz creates a safe platform where empaths, star seeds, Multi-Dimensional beings, and newly awakened souls on their journeys can establish self-belief and increasing awareness.  ​Baz can work with individuals, corporations, and both small and large groups to guide you and pass on techniques for awareness and understanding of universal laws, other dimensions, new paradigms, and quantum energy work for healings.  The Million Dreams Community Membership has five levels and has been updated to include 15-minute group “Power Shots” sessions every weekday as the foundational piece of each membership package.  In the Power Shots, you can participate in a Zoom group call designed to help you to quickly drop into Presence, align yourself with both the Crystalline Grid and your Star Chakra, and raise your vibration for a proper start to your day. Other features of the membership include live group calls with Baz, discounts on personal services, and Focused Divine Daily Energy Channeling sessions. The membership levels allow you to decide which best suits your needs and to join the dynamic, growing online spiritual community. Previous Clients of Baz say they would recommend him to anyone who seeks to understand the spirituality that is within each of us. He will bring you answers in a compassionate and completely honest manner. ​Baz says that we should love and live life the way that Divine Source Energy wants us to live, freely and in a place of unconditional love for all.” For daily sessions and a host of other benefits, the Million Dreams Community Memberships can help guide you on a path of well being.

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