Spiritual Thought leader Baz Porter assists people on their path to true self-transformation and helps them make decisions that strengthen their bond with themselves and others. Being an intuitive and a sensitive soul for most of his life, and having undergone deep and painful awakening himself, he teaches that real change starts within each of us That we must go within ourselves to bring out the best in us. When we come to this full knowing of who we are and our purpose in life, our thoughts, decisions and actions are aligned to fulfill our dreams and ambitions. This same self-enlightenment likewise has a ripple effect on others, as we do things in unconditional love. The result is better quality of life in all its areas: health, wealth, relationships, and spiritual connectedness. And this spiritual community supports that with several divinely guided programs.

When you are connected with the Divine Source, you will feel that inner happiness and peace you’ve been searching for. And when you raise your vibrations, you attract the things that you deserve. With five levels to choose from, the Light Angel community ensures commitment to self-awareness and self-love by providing a variety of services that will surely nourish your soul and provide a strong spiritual base.

· As long as you’re enrolled in the program, regardless of the package, you have the privilege of maintaining a founding member status with all the perks to it including upgrade credits for future services.

· All packages start at focusing on what you need most: guidance. For Basic Memberships, you will:

receive 15-minute energy channeling group “Power Shots” every weekdays to start your day right.

have a free group call where you’ll receive enlightened advice.

· Get discounts and credits for personal services from Baz himself.

Enjoy 5% discount for Basic & Bronze members,

10% discount for Silver members,

15% for Gold members,

and as high as 25% discount for Platinum members

· For higher level memberships, enjoy above-mentioned benefits and more, such as:

And with flexible payment options, you can opt for the one that suits your budget and needs. You can choose to pay monthly or subscribe for a year (paid in monthly installments or one-time payment).

Basic community Membership

$7.00 monthly

$5.00 a month if paid annually

$60.00 one-time annual payment

After promotional period: $19.97 monthly

Bronze Community Membership

Promotional Price: $12.97 monthly

$9.97 a month if paid annually

$119.64 one-time annual payment

After Promotional Period: $29.97 a month

Silver Community Membership

Promotional price: $19.97 monthly

$14.97 a month if paid annually

$179.64 one-time annual payment

Gold The Light Angel Community Membership

$49.97 monthly

$39.97 a month if paid annually

$479.64 one-time annual payment

Platinum The Light Angel Community Membership

$99.97 monthly

$89.97 a month if paid annually

$1079.64 one-time annual payment

In this journey of soul awakening, though the answer lies within us, we all need and would benefit from loving guidance and mentorship from people like Baz Porter. Through this caring group of like-minded individuals who value compassion, honesty, reliability, loyalty, commitment and open-mindedness, discover your full potential, live the life you’ve always wanted, and at the same time raise the vibrations of the planet. Stop looking externally for your happiness. Happiness is truly within you, and thus within your reach. Let the Million Dreams Community Membership show you the way.

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