Our world has opened up to different techniques, and with it have come incredible stories of Tibetan yogis able to generate such body heat that they can survive sitting for days on ice, without any clothing needed. Even Hollywood has come on board, big time and long ago. After all, wouldn’t meditation, provided we do it in the right way, give us the supernatural abilities shown in the Matrix trilogy: dodging the bullets, mind-travelling, foreseeing the future?

Because when talking about meditation, one thing is for sure. If you meditate regularly and wholeheartedly (as if  your hair were burning), you will be guaranteed to:

  • Feel love and compassion for complete strangers.
  • Understand what your cat is telling you.
  • Lose any appetite for personal ambitions.
  • Lose your ability to differentiate between waking state and dreams.
  • Pray for the life of a mosquito.
  • Taste an orange as if for the very first time.
  • Still argue with your significant other – yet find it increasingly more like a game, not a war.
  • Stop dead in a beam of sunlight, with a blessed smile on your face.
  • See through death.
  • Laugh out loud at the concept of superpowers.

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