Most of us notice the feeling of coincidence. Those aware of Law of Attraction more commonly referred to it as “synchronicity”. It happens in those moments when we think of someone and shortly thereafter get a call or run into them somewhere. We experience it when a song comes to mind and a minute later we hear it being played.

The deeper we get in touch with our own consciousness, the more we realize that these synchronicities are not only happening more often but also on a larger scale. Perhaps we have dreams at night that become manifest in our waking reality or we begin noticing less lag-time between the things we long to achieve in our imagination and the arrival of that exact thing in our physical reality.

Is the phrase “Our thoughts create our reality” familiar to you? If we think of a song and hear is five minutes later, did we manifest that outcome just by thinking about it OR did we come into vibrational alignment with it and in that moment enter the timeline in which that outcome existed?

When we are young, our decisions are made for us by our caretakers. As we get older, we begin making choices from the options available to us in each moment. For example, in our present reality we may not have the choice to hop on a plane and fly to an exotic vacation resort for the weekend but we do have the choice to get in our car and drive somewhere a few hours away. Each choice we make manifests as a new future outcome and puts us in a different timeline.

If we can imagine it, we not only have the power to make that reality come true but have already created it in a different timeline. We all have different visions of how we would like our life to be. The reason we are given specific dreams and ambitions means that there is a timeline that currently exists that already holds that outcome. Quite simply, when we imagine something we desire, the only thing we are asked to do is focus on bringing our vibration into alignment with it and know it will manifest.

The Law of Attraction

When we start choosing to focus on how we feel on the inside (no matter what things look like on the outside) and intentionally make choices that cause us to feel really good, thankful and happy, we raise our vibration and are able to shift timelines. If we exist in a present moment that we don’t like or feel badly about, we start to resonate in the lower frequency of “feeling bad” which only ensures that we will stay on that timeline. The vibration we sit at most frequently is what calls forth the timeline that we will be living in. As our vibration increases, the people, places and things (often those we thought we wanted) which no longer resonate begin to drop out of our life because they do not exist in our new vibration and are replaced by people who are more loving and in alignment with our new frequency.

As long as we feel good, we can be assured that the Universe is taking care of the rest. We must trust that everything going on is for the best, knowing our ego-mind is does not always make decisions which benefit us long-term. We must hand decision-making over to the Universe and trust that the outcomes that are on their way to us are not only for the best, but may be even better than anything we could have imagined.

When we think about how our “dream life” looks compared to the way our life looks now, it can be overwhelming. Often self-doubt and fear kick-in when our outer reality looks nothing like the reality we wish to be in. We can find ourselves thinking, “How can I possibly change my life into that awesome, amazing life that I imagine?”

There is one simple answer… feel good. Think thoughts that feel good, compliment yourself daily, do something kind for another person and expect that the best is on its way. The more we reside in a loving frequency, the faster our vibration starts rising. Our physical reality has no choice but to reflect back to us our own vibration.

Be Patient. The world we currently perceive around us is only a result of past thoughts and feelings. Always remember that the way we FEEL in our NOW moment creates our future reality. Make conscious choices… choose wisely and lovingly.

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