The Light Angel, a platform that provides spiritual courses and coaching, has launched a new inter-dimensional paradigmatic healing mastery course.


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The newly launched course is aimed at people who want to actively awaken themselves to achieve self-awareness and self-love through cosmic and spiritual healing. The course, which is being held virtually on Zoom, runs from May 23rd, 2020 until July 25th, 2020.


Nicola and Baz, the course leaders, have developed a syllabus that has never been taught before. They have developed a new systematic way of healing, through interdimensional upgrades, downloads, activations, years of integration, teaching, healing, and using energy to its maximum potential.


Guided directly by Ascended Masters and Shamanic Shanghai Monks, Nicola and Baz are well equipped to guide individuals interested in accessing a higher power and energy source. They have received permission to teach this new paradigm and are ready to help people expand their minds both cosmically and spiritually.


Over the twelve-week period, participants will develop and increase their inner wisdom to understand encoded information as direct, clear channels of paradigmatic energy healing. They teach students the forgotten art of Multiversal Records embedded in their DNA that has not yet been awoken.


Course teachings include new paradigmatic healings and structures, physical healings through Multiversal frequencies, tuning into higher healing, angelic and divine proper usage, ancient alchemy, emotional and energetic support, and chakra system healing and teaching.


Upon completion of the comprehensive course, students are recognized with a certification of interdimensional paradigmatic healing mastery course. There are only twenty places available for the 2020 course, with further dates announced for 2021 for those unable to attend.


A company representative commented: “Attending the new interdimensional paradigmatic healing mastery course is a unique opportunity to master spiritual healing for the benefit of yourself and others around you. Reaching a higher physical, mental, spiritual, and cosmic state is achievable, but only through dedication, commitment, and a deeply held belief system.”


For more further information, interested parties are invited to contact the course leaders via the website provided.

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