It is clear that the COVID 19 global health crisis besieging nations around the world is a reflection on human beings’ responsibility to creation.

Many seekers of the Source are finding themselves delving into their practices in a deeper, more intense way. As a result, many are feeling like they’re going through a shift because of heightening awareness and their consciousness going into a new paradigm. With the COVID 19 pandemic going on around the world, there is a global awakening taking place throughout our planet. This coincides with the impending Aquarian Golden Age.

Signs of an Energy Shift within You

Since many people are taking off their masks and deciding to strip off everything to the core level, there is an energy shift going on. This energy shift leads to spiritual awakening, a progression that is catapulting you forward to your soul’s growth.

Here are some common signs that you may be going through an energy shift:

– You feel more emotionally vulnerable.

This feels like your vulnerability has gone up several notches. Signs of these are you start crying for no apparent reason, you feel rage without any triggers, or you’re having panic attacks. Fear not. This is due to your energy field coming up to your awareness. When there’s an energy shift, these blockages surface from our emotions as a form of release. Your body is just preparing to make room for love, peace, and joy.

You see synchronicities.

If you notice that everything is happening in divine alignment, such as seeing the numbers 777, 636, or 333, you are beginning to realize that there are no coincidences or accidents in this world. It’s like you’re seeing these numbers just about everywhere and these are just messages to get your attention.

You wake up in the middle of the night.

This is the most common occurrence among people who are going through an energy shift. If you find yourself jolting out of bed in the middle of the night with sweaty palms and a beating heart, it is caused by energy flooding into your body. You wake up abruptly, sometimes at the same time each night because there is congestion in a particular region where energy is trying to flow. When this occurs, consider listening to meditative music, journaling, or reading.

Connecting with the Divine Self

An energy shift is happening because our ultimate goal is to connect with The Divine Self. With everything that’s happening in the world right now, The Divine Self is trying to reach you and connect with you more than ever.

The practice of connecting with the Divine Self or opening up to the Divine Self is beneficial because it brings peace, harmony, and higher knowledge. You also turn away more easily from the distractions of the physical world. Here are some of the best ways to connect with your Higher Self:

1. Release your Thoughts

As we quietly sit and silently set our intention to contact our Divine Self, we need to be able to let our thoughts go. The connection to our Divine Self goes beyond the mind, so it is important to rid yourself of distracting thoughts about the outer world as much as possible. Your mind should be in a state of inner stillness. It is also important to release beliefs or thoughts that might be an obstacle to connecting with the Divine Self.

2. Be Receptive

In this moment of silence, the Divine Self will be able to impart love, guidance, and wisdom. It is vital to be receptive to this inner message. Contact of the Divine Self may come in the form of overwhelming peace, an answer, or an inner knowing, among others. This transforming process may seem daunting, but this is a necessary process as you purge emotional, physical, and mental blockages. As you continue this process, at the perfect time, life-transforming insight, inspiration, or extra energy may be imparted to you.

If people only realize that personal healing, opening to a shift in consciousness, and connecting with the Divine Self is the precursor needed for the healing of the planet, then nothing will hamper humanity from overcoming this present trouble. Through the Energies of Light and Love, people will find the true path to healing. What is happening now with this pandemic is a global shift in purification because the earth is evolving to a State of Grace. We are moving into the era of “we” versus “me”. True planetary healing is happening as we release old limiting beliefs to Divine Truths. The question is what role do you choose to play at this moment in history? It is important to find your Divine Consciousness amidst this pandemic. This is a time for re-alignment and seeking a spiritual connection without distractions.

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