Most of us have heard of, and many of us practice the “Attitude of Gratitude”. Remembering to stay in the present moment, while simultaneously standing in our Power, enables us to pause at will and say a heartfelt “Thank You” for both the simple and frequently magnificent blessings which surround us. This is an amazingly simple way to lift us to the viewpoint of a higher level of perspective. When we step into our Power and own who we truly are, we are able to ‘upgrade’ previously established formatting and timelines which we have set up for our lives.


Give Thanks

Being grateful for the little things around us changes the energies we outwardly reflect toward manifestation and helps centralize and ground us as human beings on an Ascension Journey. Sounds crazy, but it actually does work! The inner reflection of how we feel about ourselves becomes an outward manifestation. If you look within and ponder anything that is triggering you, the reason you will find behind it is usually fear. The more we come into balance and accept who we are, the more the equilibrium of energies within our life align. Pay it forward and share this profound truth with others to assist them on their journey.

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