Updated: Jul 19

Hi there Divine Ones,

There are presently no conventional treatments or vaccines for the coronavirus. There are alternative options available which I would like to present to you.

First of all why are people dying?

There are 2 reasons- secondary pneumonia and cytokine storms: Pneumonia- The virus causes an infection of the lungs which can develop into severe coughing, fever, shortness of breath, rapid, shallow breath and sharp or stabbing chest pain. In severe situations it can eventually lead to death. Cytokine storm- Your immune system overreacts to the invasion of the virus and it’s the immune system itself that damages the lungs. What can you do? You need to support your body’s ability to hold the viral load down low enough so that you never develop pneumonia or your immune system never kicks into a cytokine storm. How can you do this? First of all you need your immune system to function properly and of great importance is not to have sugar or too many carbs. Sugar will knock out your immune system for several hours. It is also important to get enough sleep and to stay hydrated as well.


Specific protocol with supplements and herbals. Vitamin C- 5,000 mg. (5 grams) taken in divided doses 5 times a day (3 times a day with meals and 2 times a day between meals). This is for prevention. If you feel symptomatic or your condition worsens increase your dosage to bowel tolerance. Vitamin C is extremely safe. The worst that might happen is some loose stools.

Natural Remedies

Right now in Shanghai, China they are treating some of the hospitalized patients with up to 24,000 mg. (24 grams) of intravenous vitamin C. Vitamin D- 5,000 IU for 2 weeks and then 2,000 IU. Zinc- 20-40 mg. a day. L’lysine- 1-2 grams per day. Vitamin A- 25,000 IU a day for 2 weeks. Magnesium- 400 mg. Selenium-100 mcg. How to avoid the cytokine storm- You need to use antipathogens. The antipathogens will kill enough of the virus to take your viral load down to a point that your immune system can do its job with no risk of being forced into a cytokine storm. Antipathogens- olive leaf extract, oil of oregano, habanero pepper, horseradish, garlic and onions, colloidal silver and liquid zinc Immunomodulators- These are substances that adjust the immune response to a desired level. They regulate your immune system, boosting a weak system or calming down an overactive one. Some of the better immunomodulators are l’carnosine, astragalus, ginseng, colostrum and rhodiola. Avoid the following to prevent cytokine storms: dairy, honey, chocolate, kimchi, bananas, algae (chlorella and spiruline), echinacea and elderberry. Additional helpful supplements and herbs: resveratrol, vitamin E, cat’s claw, curcumin, green tea, berberine, reishi, stinging nettle, ginger, goldenseal, NAC and chamomille. There are some herbs that stop the virus from reproducing. They are: stinging nettle, woolly fern (cibotium barometz), and mulberry mistletoe (taxillus chinensis). To clear out the lungs from mucous and coughs use jalapeno pepper, cayenne pepper and goldenseal. Everyone should follow the specific protocol with supplements and herbals for prevention. Most important is vitamin C. At the first sign of any cold or flu symptoms add in the antipathogens and immunomodulators. I don’t expect that everyone will be able to get all the items.

This is why I gave you several items for each category.

I surge you to be mindful of your actions of personal hygiene, please use your intuition!

Stop being selfish when of buying stock in the stores. we are all in this together and as such we should treat other with the same respect as we treat ourselves.

Blessings, Baz Porter

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