Hey Soul Family,

As you are now fully aware, the entire world is in a state of disarray. I urge you to take stock and know that one small act of kindness changes somebody’s world… actually their universe! The actions of many of you will have an impact on a global scale. Please be compassionate towards others and their situations as this global change unfolds at a natural rate. Take this time to focus inwards. Contact friends, family and loved ones. YOU are a part of this Global Ascension.

We have been called to action but first we must center ourselves and find the calm and balance within. There is no need to feel rushed or agitated… everything is unfolding as divinely planned! Take advantage of the time you are in isolation to both examine and consider changing the way you think and look at things. Your perspective on current events is paramount to the way we allow this global pandemic to be integrated within our physical bodies. It is true that you are experiencing change within a collective. However, this change is a positive one and if you are feeling as if you don’t belong, know that this is just temporary. If you’re feeling stuck and not moving, know this is also an illusion. Anchor your calmness and experience the oneness of yourself as you emanate unconditional love throughout your energy field to all. The ripple effect of this action is part of a much bigger plan which is at play here. Use this opportunity be grateful and reflect on what is occurring in a positive way.

one world within our self’s

For those who have a business that has closed or are out of work, know this is just temporary. During this time you are being guided to bigger and better things. This process will take approximately 9-12 months to fully integrate into our systems as it pushes forward an awareness of the truth-expanding consciousness which will occur on a level not yet seen or felt.

You as a collective of people have been asking for truth, clarity, and change for a very long time. You have also been asking for your awareness to be heightened and gifts to be unlocked within you. This, my dear friends and soul family, is the first stage of that happening. I implore you all to please embrace this great Gift and make the most of your time now. It is time for ALL lightworkers, people on journeys, star seeds, and everyone as a collective to STAND as ONE. Embrace this change in order to allow higher consciousness to surround and envelope us as our human race ascends to different levels and brings Heaven back to earth.

Be grateful for this time to reflect and be at one with ourselves and loved ones. This time is a complete blessing and opportunity to bring us into harmonious balance with all levels of the Universe. There is light at the end of the tunnel and you, soul family, are that light which brings it forward and offers it to others so they may benefit from it in their darkest times.

It is time to become One with the Universe again. Now is your time to spread your light and your authentic truth. This can be done just by standing strong in your truth, in what you believe. As we stand together, one warm collective body singing from the same song sheet on the same vibration, we will bring Heaven to Earth. 

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